ATOTO Year Series in-Dash Double Din Digital Media Car Stereo – SA102 Starter YS102SL CarPlay & Android Auto Receiver w/Bluetooth, AM/FM Radio Tuner,USB Video & Audio,and More


Product Features

  • Builtin Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features seamlessly integrate your smartphone with the SA102’s built-in display and controls via USB connection. Now you can make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions, and more while you stay focused on the road. Both Android Auto & iOS CarPlay available in ATOTO YEAR SA102 means your family and you (as the driver), are not always limited to either of the two phone OS camps, now or later.
  • Easy Operation. When the phone is connected to SA102 via USB, the system will automatically detect and run either Android Auto or CarPlay immediately,based on phone opeartion system. You are free from tapping “CarPlay” or “Andriod Auto” icon manually. Other than speaking out, you are now able to wake up siri or Google Assistant by pressing the physical key on SA102, or your steering wheel audio key (if applicable), or the voice key from ATOTO wireless IR remote
  • ATOTO SA102 has almost all the vital features you can expect from a common car stereo: (1). AM/FM radio tuner; (2). BT handsfree & A2DP music streaming; (3). USB Playback, (4). Backup Camera Input; (5). SeamlessPhone Integrations. The ATOTO SA102 Starter requires user to use factory/original USB Cable that comes with the phone for Android Auto / CarPlay connection. Non-manufacturer made USB cable may leads to connection issues such as black screen, or unstable connection.
  • With ATOTO SA102 Series installed in your car, you are no longer forced to replace your car stereo every one or two years in order to keep up with the latest consumer electronics functions.
  • Notice: Due to hardware limit, ATOTO SA102 Starter version does not support running loca system media functions with CarPlay /Android Auto simultaneously. That being said, when you run CarPlay or Android, AM/FM Radio option(or BT Music/Music/Video/AUX) will be disabled immediately. You can play media while run GPS navigation, as long as both come from the same Android Auto or CarPlay source;

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3 Responses to ATOTO Year Series in-Dash Double Din Digital Media Car Stereo – SA102 Starter YS102SL CarPlay & Android Auto Receiver w/Bluetooth, AM/FM Radio Tuner,USB Video & Audio,and More

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cheapest Way To Get Apple Car Play / Android Auto I’ve had this installed for a couple months now and I felt like it was time to leave a review. So far hands down you should buy this system! So far the only trouble I have ran into is it shut down on me once and I had to push the reset button with a paper clip to get it to turn on again. This has only happened once and unable to repeat the issue. I have had the phone call fail a couple times due to the person not being able to hear me. They call back and say all they heard was static. There…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent for the price, but… I installed the SA102 in a 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium along with an ASWC-1 to retain steering wheel controls. Overall I am happy with this headunit and would recommend to someone wanting CarPlay on a budget. The SA102 is not without its flaws but so far, two weeks in, their support has quite responsive and helpful. Originally I was leaning toward a Sony XAV-AX5000 as I like its clean, polished interface but couldn’t afford it.Tip:You will want to manually program your…

  3. Anonymous says:

    A quality CarPlay enabled headunit for under $200? Believe it.