Michelin Italy Road Atlas (Atlas (Michelin))

Michelin’s European atlases have an exciting new look inside and out. The new cover design highlights the focus on road travel adventures and discovery, while inside, the new, simplified page numbers make it easy to locate the next page of the journey. Small locator maps on each page clearly situate the map page within the context of the larger area for better navigation. Extremely practical town and city map pages include a map of the town center and the surrounding area. Of course, all the atlases feature Michelin’s accurate mapping, updated each year by dedicated Michelin teams, where you’ll find Michelin picks for scenic drives

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2 Responses to Michelin Italy Road Atlas (Atlas (Michelin))

  1. Anonymous says:

    A must have if driving Italy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was hoping for better detail. Since the whole book is bulky and … I’m using this as a trip planning tool and it also will be backup to a GPS, so I was just looking for maps that would show a larger view of the roads/cities. Nevertheless, I was hoping for better detail.Since the whole book is bulky and our trip is in northern Italy, I just removed the appropriate pages. I’ll reassemble the book when I get back.I also agree with another poster that downloading detailed maps for my tablet so I don’t have to be connected to expensive…