TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam 10″ 1080P Backup Camera Front and Rear Dual Lens Car Camera Video Streaming, Rear View Mirror Camera for Car with Waterproof 1080P Rear Camera Parking Assistance Night Vision

TOGUARD 10 inch 1080P HD Full Touch Front and Rear View Mirror Dash Cam with Super Night Vision, Safe Parking, Loop Recording, G-sensor
High Resolution is available either in 1080P backup camera + 720P front camera or 1080P front camera + 720P rearview camera, the bright full screen makes it possible to clearly read the license plates of vehicles behind or in front of you, both day and night. Both cameras simultaneously record the road ahead of you and behind you, assuring your safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.
Mirror dash cam will immediately default to rear camera full screen upon startup. This provides drivers the highest level of confidence and visibility while backing up. The 170°wide view of front camera and the 140°view of backup camera will not let you miss anything when driving.
Loop recording will automatically overwrite the earliest existing unlocked footage to ensure continuous ongoing recording. With G-sensor enabled, it will automatically lock and save the video during a collision if you are in an accident and need video evidence for insurance and legal purposes.
Equipped with advanced Analogy High Definition (AHD technology ), the 1080P backup camera enhances night vision in low light conditions and prevents video overexposure while driving and backing up, giving you an exceptionally sharp image at night.
The ultra-thin rear view mirror dash cam looks like the original mirror. The display fits easily over the existing mirror with rubber straps. With the screen saver function of a dashcam or holding down the power button, you can use it as a regular rearview mirror.

Product Features

  • 【1080P 10 Inch Streaming Media Full Touch Screen】The 1080P Streaming Media dash cam featured Full HD sharp colors IPS touch screen will synchronously display rear view viewing when car starts and present a clear and crisp video quality with high resolution in day or night.
  • 【Ultra-Wide Field of View & OEM Looking】The wide angle lens eliminates blind spots and alleviates the worry of recording everything happening in front and rear, which helps you drive at ease. Its original equipment manufacturer look makes the mirror dash cam perfectly integrate with existing mirror.
  • 【Super Night Vision & Safe Parking】Analogy High Definition of 1080P backup camera presents super night vision in low light conditions, and the backup camera display with guide lines assist you safe parking. It is flexible and convenient for you to adjust the view angle by sliding your finger on the touch screen when driving or reversing.
  • 【Loop Recording & G-sensor】Loop recording will automatically overwrite the earliest video segment when the memory storage space is full. With G-sensor enabled, it will automatically lock and store the video when it encounters a sudden shock and collision. Mirror dash cam provides video proof of an accident that happens to be capture by the recording.
  • 【Easy Setup & Reliable After-sales Service】 With the display of mirror dash cam turned off, it’s used as a regular rear view mirror while driving. The mirror dash cam is strapped on to the existing original mirror using rubber straps. Professional customer service will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!

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3 Responses to TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam 10″ 1080P Backup Camera Front and Rear Dual Lens Car Camera Video Streaming, Rear View Mirror Camera for Car with Waterproof 1080P Rear Camera Parking Assistance Night Vision

  1. Anonymous says:

    MY THIRD TOGUARD DASHCAM! This in my review of the To guard integrated rear view mirror dash cam with wired rear view camera model CE60. In case you went to the video before reading the review, please know that Amazon does not provide hi res videos so I uploaded a higher res version on the popular online video site to show a better idea of the video quality.I love the Toguard rear view mirror dash cams with built in video touch screens and this is my third one! I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Value for the Price Installation for the front camera is very simple, just wrap the bands around your existing mirror. The rear camera comes with screws and adhesive. I used screws to attach it to the plastic next to my license plate. The camera is designed to be mounted under a horizontal surface (picture attaching it underneath a shelf). But can be mounted on a vertical surface (this is how mine is mounted), although the mount is at its limit for downward…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Camera! This is my second TOGUARD camera. The first one was a 7″ model which I still use in one of my vehicles. This new 10″ 1080P model is fantastic. Its overall size is smaller which is perfect for most cars. The front camera picture quality is extremely good. Its like is filming a movie! I don’t use the backup camera as my vehicle already has a factory one installed. I normally run this camera on a 3 minute continuous loop. I use a 32G micro SD card…